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Jobs and Growth
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Our Mission

To provide jobs and growth for the construction industry


Bring forward major projects


Build 25,000 public rented homes

Get banks lending to SME building companies

Remove barriers and cut red tape


Renovation, maintenance and improvements

Cut VAT to 5% on home improvements

Jobs & Growth

92p of every £1

spent on construction is

retained in the UK

Get Britain Building Unites The Industry

Get Britain Building is the UK's biggest ever coalition of companies and organisations associated with the built environment.

As a direct result of the current economic downturn, our industry is under major threat with factories closing, skilled workers leaving the industry and companies going out of business.

The Get Britain Building Campaign is acknowledged ad respected by all political parties and there is now a £550 million Get Britain Building fund. As a direct result of our efforts building more new homes is now top of the agenda as Government seeks to stimulate our economic recovery.

As the only portal promoting manufacturing and construction led growth we are pleased to promote all of our industry campaigns that share the common purpose of doing what is required to promote jobs and growth in UK Plc.

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