Delivering Jobs and Growth


Future Homes Commission

26th October 2012

Britain needs a revolution in the scale, quality and funding of home building if we are to have any hope of meeting the housing needs of our growing and changing population.


Housing Takes Centre Stage In Conference Season Economy Debate

25 September 2012

Britain’s main political parties will put housing in the spotlight as a driver of economic recovery in the conference season debates in coming weeks. There is now a consensus among the three parties that housing policy will prove a key battle ground in the run up to the next election. read more

Shelter Campaign.
Is buying a home out of reach?

David Cameron has announced new plans to invest in house building, including the delivery of more affordable homes. It's an important step. But it needs to be followed up with real action. read more

Plans to boost UK housebuilding, jobs and the economy

Thursday 6 September 2012

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have announced a major housing and planning package that will help deliver...

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