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Time to get Scotland building

Time to get Scotland building
Get Britain Building campaigners have called on all political parties to agree quickly on a robust devolution settlement following the outcome of the Scottish referendum.

Mike Leonard, spokesman for Get Britain Building, said the time had come to draw up long term investment plans in Scotland to attract inward investment, stimulate growth and local jobs.

“All minds must now be focused on swiftly removing the brake on economic growth that the uncertainty has caused.”

Leonard said: “This is the right decision for Scotland and the Union. Many investment decisions have been delayed due to the uncertainty created by the referendum.

“The  high turnout and the clear 10 point mandate is the green light for economic growth that will secure jobs and growth for the people of Scotland.

“The time has come for a concerted drive to Get Scotland Building using local materials and labour,” said Leonard.

“What we want to see is meaningful 30 year plans to develop the built environment of the key regions of Scotland.

“This will attract inward investment, deliver more and better homes and secure long term meaningful employment and economic security.”