Delivering Jobs and Growth

What can I do?

diggerAs a United Industry we have already secured massive success. The opportunities that our industry offers to deliver Jobs and growth are now well understood, but there is no room for complacency.

We must ensure that the benefits are felt throughout the UK and that local businesses as well as national companies are fully involved.

Leading politicians including the Prime Minister, Chancellor and the Shadow Cabinet regularly tell the House of Commons of the need to “Get Britain Building” and all the main parties are committed to building at least 200,000 homes per annum by 2020.

We must keep the pressure on. Key actions you can do to help:

Generate debate by following @britainbuilding on Twitter, getting your followers to do the same and joining the debate this conference season by using the hashtag #getbritainbuilding.

Show your support by putting the Homes for Britain logo on the front page of your website, with a link to

Download the artwork and and use it on your transport, buildings and letterhead.

Contact your local MP and councillors and tell them how Get Britain Building is making a difference to your business and the people who work in it.

Lobby your MP directly
  • Click here to find your MP's contact details
  • Call House of Commons on 020 7219 3000 and ask for your MP's office

Tell us your ideas as to what we could do to Get Britain Building more across the UK.

Download the campaign logo

Get Britain Building logo

Get Britain Building with web address JPEG
Get Britain Building landscape with web address JPEG

Get Britain Building EPS (for printers)