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An £11bn investment in construction can kick start the UK’s economic recovery, say experts
Million Homes not Built
“Britain had been incapable of building enough homes”
Housing Bill leads Queen's Speech reforms
Housing starts growth eases after rising 10% last year
Treasury told councils should play key role in delivering homes
Government shortlists sites for first 10 flagship housing zones
Government launches another plan to boost affordable housing
Local house builders given Government boost
Government must entice more local house builders back into industry
Ready-made design details rolled out for masonry envelope joints
Local house builders must drive Lyons 200,000 homes plan
Lib Dems set 300,000 new homes target with Garden City push
Tories pledge plan for 100,000 cut-price starter homes
Miliband puts housing at heart of 10-year vision

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An £11.27bn investment in construction and a series of strategic decisions around new home building can kick start the UK’s economic recovery and deliver a £33bn return for the Go...

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Analysis by the Local Government Association shows that 2,564,600 units have been granted planning permission by councils since 2009/10 while only 1,530,680 have been completed. The association...

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This has been a great week for the “Get Britain Building Campaign” with the Government setting out a number of initiatives to ensure we build the homes we need for the future. ...

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