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Although H H UK has brought aircrete technology a long way forward since the 1950s, the manufacturing process remains much the same as it has always been. The materials used in the manufacture of Celcon Aircrete blocks are pulverised fuel ash (PFA), sand, cement, lime and water. The manufacturing process, which is closely monitored at all times, begins by mixing PFA, sand and water to form a slurry. The slurry is heated and mixed with cement and lime, and finally a small quantity of aluminium powder is evenly dispersed through the mixture before it is poured into moulds.

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PRESS INFORMATION                 Release date: 17 June 2024  “Get Britain Building” to drive economic growth A

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An £11.27bn investment in construction and a series of strategic decisions around new home building can kick start the UK’s economic recovery and deliver a £33bn return for the Gover

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Analysis by the Local Government Association shows that 2,564,600 units have been granted planning permission by councils since 2009/10 while only 1,530,680 have been completed. The association sai

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